Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everybody going out and having fun!

Yesterday I traveled to Back to Basic Farms and joined a spin in from 2 to 4.
This will be held each Monday with a bigger meeting the last Monday of the month, with a show and tell etc. I think we could call ourselves the Barefoot Contessas, we all kicked off our shoes!
Here is the store's proprietress and the spin in's hostess - Joanne Evans
Now that's some bobbin she's got!!

Here is our fellow spinner Marion, she has a beautiful antique spinning wheel!
We were all laughing so much....
Isn't Joanne's store the best! She sells special teas, preserves she does herself and antiques as well as all that wool you can see, we had beautiful tea and baking too. If you want to join us some Monday please let me know and I'll pass Back to Basics number to you!
All spinners are welcome in the Owen Sound and surrounds!

 When I got home I had this wonderful pkg. waiting for me. Weird looking isn't it? A to Z Alpacas sends out their fibre vacuum packed.

 Here is the side view.

Here Mary realizes I cut open the bag because she smells the unwashed alpaca, it is very clean though, no dirt, no veg matter,  just not washed hence very "farmy" and all alpaca sweat and fumes. 
Ambrosia to some.
She dug out the whole pile to pussy foot in and then threw her head back in the bag.

Seems my precious little Mary is a huffer.

 Sad isn't it? This went on for eons.
The Addiction to Alpacas Treatment Center is calling me back today.

And now for some sunshine and light- what I spun at spin in and then plyed last night.


  1. Oh I'm in LOVE with the colours in that yarn you spun. Jealous!! Must not start another interest, must stay focused, must just live vicariously through others, repeat.

  2. Allyson, I'll send you some!
    I like to share!

  3. Thanks for this post, Wanda. Hadn't heard of Back to Basics Farms. They can't be too many hours drive from us so will put them on the "to do" list maybe for nest year.
    That's one beautiful yarn.....LOTS of personality :)