Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dyeing/Hooking Faces/ Suzannitza

I'm spending some time today getting new dye colours ready for publication on The Welcome Mat. I'm starting a column there somewhat like I write for RHM but with special bonuses and more in depth conversation about the methods or formulas. The best thing is, you can ask me questions and I'm right there.
This month's column is September Skies and they are all lovely. You can see some of them pictured here. I'll be posting two colours a week for 5 weeks with this particular theme and then we will move onto the next one.
It is so much fun to dye when it is cool outside.
For even more fun and exercise I'm making pro chem dye colours out of majic carpet dyes, but only as the spirit moves me. I will not be making a book on this. Just in case you wondered. See Tiger Lilly, named Cheryll Lilly to the right.
I love doing that kind of eyeball detective work. It is good to try to stump yourself this way to keep your chops up. I just wish this kind of work would keep my cheek sag up too.

Yesterday I pulled out a rug I'd started a LONG TIME AGO, ok I started it about 3 years ago.
That's a long time to me.
Unfortunately I had to put it away mid face. duhhhhh.
I do not recommend that.
I've spent a few hours now just looking at where to jump back in.
I know from experience I'll just have to put something in to know what to take out. And I also know my method of hooking faces has developed from what I was doing back then. So it feels really weird but I ready to jump in I think.

Yesterday Man started back to school with the rest of the working men and women who educate our young. I thought I would fix something special for dinner.
I made a white pizza inspired by Claude and Suzanne, wonderful visitors we had a few weeks ago.
Claude was, as always, the wonderful entertainment and Suzanne whom we just met was our chef and hostess.
Yes, you read right. Suzanne said why don't I make the meals? I said Wonderful. I didn't know her but she is Claude's and that is a ticket to ride for any person here.
I was not raised stupid. If somebody says I'll cook, say yes!!!
Suzanne made ont one but two amazing feasts for us. The hidden blessing? While I was in high and hard hookdom we grazed off her labour for 3 days. That was a big deal to me. And it was so good to have that break from my rugs with great conversation to see things with fresh eyes.

So back to what to make man:
Suzanne had made a white pizza but I couldn't remember exactly what to put on it. But her's included dates and chicken and I cannot tell you how amazing that was!!!!
Here is what I did.
 Made the pizza dough as usual.
spread a very thin coating of olive oil on it
poured over 1/3 cup of apple butter bbq sauce
chunks of bbq chicken the grocery stores have
artichoke hearts
precooked onion slices, thickly sliced mushrooms and zucchini in a thin layer with balsamic vinegar on them
fresh dates that were quartered
pizza was sprinkled lightly with real parmesan

Yes is all I can say. Yes indeedy. It was past good. Not as good as Suzanne's but mighty fine in a pinch.
 I call it the Suzannitza. Even pictured stone cold straight from a sleepover in the fridge it still looks delicious.

Loretta would approve of my new word I believe.


  1. Wanda....this pizza sounds divine and I shall give it a whirl...but what are the ingredients for apple butter bbq sauce ? And with so many ingredients, does it take a bit longer to cook?Best regards, Carol in Az

  2. Hi Carol,
    I bought the bbq sauce, it is President's Choice brand here in Canada. I just bought it randomly and threw it at the pizza because it was what I had.
    I think you could use any kind of pork or chicken bbq sauce.

    All of the ingredients were precooked so it took less time to cook than my regular homemade pizza.

    Let me know how you liked it.