Monday, September 26, 2011

Advice for the snowlorn - what do you think?

I got a little letter asking me what makes good snow. Here it is:

"What would you suggest to dye over white or neutral wool for different shades of snow? I think it would be to stark to just use plain white. Do I use small amounts of black, blue or even brown? I have Majic dyes that I love but also have some Cushing. Not quite sure what to do"

Here is what I said back:

Hi !
I need more info, is the snow shadowed in some places or just meeting pieces of snow like with a snowman? Is this a simple or complex project?

 Generally you want to think about what your snow needs. 

Is it a sharp cold day?
 I suggest blue with blue green too.

Is it in shadow ? I suggest blue violet with blue added and black added.

Is it spring? I suggest adding a small amount of seal brown.

There are many variables here and I can't advise you without more info!
 Write me back!!!

Now I want you all to tell me, seriously, am I too complex?
Now take a look at this photo and tell me I think too much!

This snow is everything from bright yellow white to violet!
And it is coming no matter the colour. So get spinning and knitting up your new gear.
Miss it? or want to study it?

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