Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Up?

Here is my Vogue rug and the mess I create while hooking.

We haven't had spring and summer's arrived. It was 26˚C yesterday and so far today 25. That's 77˚F ....
With no leaves on the trees and a sirroco blowing in from some distant desert, it is too hot to be outside for long, at least for me.
So I'm hooking and catching up and you are part of that!
It is wonderful to be hooking again, it does so much for me all the way around, though I have to say it is easy to put a few pounds on if you are steady at the frame. I think if I placed my cutters way, way over there from my nest I could easily burn 20 calories or so an hour! LOL

We've had a lot of firsts of the year this week, bbq, potato salad, hanging out the clothes to dry.
It has been fun but one thing spring creates is incessant crying at the door by cats to go out for a minute, this is an activity that requires supervision. It does help me slow my day down when I heed the cries and let the naughty girls out for a time and it makes them happy, have a happy moment yourself today if you can find a minute.

ALlaN K Chalmers:
The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

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  1. And what a wonderful colorful mess you have! Sounds like around here with the fur babies wanting to be outside one minute, in the next! Same except mine are dogs! I don't leave them unsupervised for long even though the yard is fenced! Your Vogue is looking Maaavalus!! Cathy G