Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back to The Picture Show

Here is my vogue rug as it lays today, you know its kinda big!
But I'm hooking away on it each day and it is getting done.
I learned something last week , I'm a big babby that whines for visuals and didn't like my blog nor have a desire to blog when I wasn't getting my cones and rods tickled by photography.

"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward." ~Soren Kierkegaard


  1. YUM!!! Glad the visuals are back, Wanda although I did enjoy what you've had to say via the black and white :) JAK

  2. Good to get a peek at it again. It looks like you are making great progress.

  3. Your Vogue rug is really pretty. Some questions --
    How big is it? Did you dye all of the wool at the same time for this rug?

  4. Thank you John, for reading even though you wanted MORE.

    Sharlene, Yes I'm thrilled to be getting to the half way point.
    It has to be a daily practise or I soon forget how much fun I'm having and it sits idle.

    Yarnfolk, I never dye for a rug. I have a collection of dyed wool that is fulsome and goes around the colour wheel and up and down the gray and saturation scales. I just pull what I want off the shelves like a grocery store. It is a strange way to go but it works for me.
    The rug is 30"x46", not really that big but I'm using 6,7,8 cuts, very slow.

  5. Speaking of that fulsome collection of dyed wool, is there anything I NEED to know before going willy nilly into the fray of dye pots and stashes of wool and dyes to get a fulsome stash? John K.

  6. John,
    I am working on your question...I didn't forget.

  7. I knew you wouldn't forget, Wanda but couldn't resist when I read that word FULSOME! You have such a way with words that puts the images right front and centre. yEA! Do so very much appreciate your posting that question and again will reiterate how very much TWM has been of use to us here. Like having a huge hooking group to attend every day!!!
    I sure hope, Hakon, the gentleman from Norway, newly joined enjoys this site. After I saw his rugs on RHD I thought maybe that TWM might be a perfect match for his talents. All the best to you for all you do to help us!
    John K.

  8. Fulsome Indeed!! You are making wonderful headway and it is a most whimsical and original take with an oriental feel....Harry Potter's magic carpet maybe....many spells over the dyepot and it is working it's magic!