Monday, April 19, 2010

Accidentally on Purpose

I used to baby sit a boy who would tell me , oh no Wanda, I accidentally did that on purpose.
It was hard to keep a straight face.
When I saw a fibre arts book with the same title I was curious.

The subject of the book is quilts, specifically African American quilts.
Eli Leon purposes that these quilts, you might be familiar with the quilts of Gee's Bend, and their random geometry harkens back to African textiles.
He speculates with some pretty sound evidence the creators were answering the call of their textile heredity.
It might look to us as though they ran out and than ran on with their projects but there was some other pull to do it their way.

We are quick to make judgements and suppositions. We have sophisticated eyes, we are looking at purposefully designed things every day. As per my prior post we might be looking but are we really seeing?
In this case are we really as well informed as we think we are?

There is a wonderful, wonderful feeling associated with following your own gravitational pull.
Letting it happen can be difficult.
To create accidentally on purpose is a gift each of us have, let's take a peek under the wrapping paper today.


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