Friday, April 9, 2010

Thinking seriously

Today I was thinking about my friend Jane, here are some of her amazing rugs, she understands the concept of traveling with colour very well.

And I'm thinking, thinking about why every time we go out for a walk I end up on the edge of a terrifying cliff.


  1. I love Jane's rugs! Very inspirational and easy to look at! I love a rug that pulls me in to want to study it closer! Stay safe on those cliffs......what a view!!! Cathy G

  2. As long as you put yourself is okay. Just don't get too close and tempt your walking buddy....LOL!!!!!!

  3. How wonderful that you have cliffs to be terrified by, and that they are close enough to walk to. Please tell your friend Jane that I am gaga over her farm scene rug above. That tree is phenomenal. I wish I could walk to it.

    (I would love to see Jane and her rugs on TWM..can you use your influence??)