Monday, September 22, 2008


I have some serious catching up to do.
Mostly in cleaning various parts of the house, the way stations for accumulated detritus, and posting to the Welcome Mat and this blog.

When we last met I was posting stuff about Burlington Rug School and I still have some pictures to post I took on the last few days.
I asked students which was the favorite thing they did and I also took some random photos.
The most edifying and invigorating thing was visitor day when I would overhear my fellow dyeing divas proudly showing off the wonderful things they dyed and telling just how they did them.

Barb And Cheryl Discuss Marbleising and Cheryl has a Steamer on Her Knee

Fran's Wandering In Progress

The Notes , THe NOTES

Heather Matches Her Spot Dye ( we all did this over and over )

Eleanor wonders if the water will ever clear...
FYI for using crock pot effectively to dye , we must leave lid on, also if we dye over already dyed wool from factories there will be dirty water especially if we are dyeing over plaids and textures or bleeders.
Throw in a piece of natural to clear water and get great light colours maybe for flesh..

A morning's work

More Later my friends...

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