Monday, September 8, 2008

The Teacher's Dilemma

Well, I've arrived.
I am a bit boggled though.
I have 16 students to teach dyeing.
Can you imagine ? I want them to do their own dyeing. How much boiling water we'll need, how many individual areas needed for set up of their equipment , HOW MUCH ELBOW ROOM ?

Here's what I was presented with ...... a room that is a designated "dry studio " for 3/4 of it.
Dyeing must take place in only 1/4 of the room, it is the size of an average hotel room if that.
It also has limitations on over 1/2 of it's power outlets.

Why am I in this room you might ask.....
That is a question I'm pondering right now.

I had planned to split the class into morning dyers and afternoon dyers but I realized it is better to have partners. Who can keep out of something so exciting when that's what you signed up to do, and you are keenly interested to see what happens next ?

Even with the previous plan 8 people would not be able to dye as I wish ( with a crock pot cooking away and a frying pan working along side it , getting two things done at once ) because of the outlet limitations.

And most peculiarly I was not consulted on where and what I thought would work best. Why wasn't I told about the dry studio months ago ?

In these circumstances the brunt of responsibility falls on me for a successful class. If you ain't having fun I'm on the front line to catch it .... I hope the students are very, very understanding and can join in with a great sense of camaraderie. After all we are all in it together. It is called the Magical Dye Tour, I thought we might be on the Queen Mary but it looks like a Vietnamese fishing scow on her last legs from here.

Now you'll all really want to come by to see how this all pans out.

Some of you will be tsking and shaking your heads because I'm telling tales out of school....
guess what ? It's time somebody did !

Talk about the sandwich generation, the rug school teacher is frequently stuck right between pleasing and enriching students and being presented with difficulties on the admin side.

What were they thinking ?
What was I thinking ?
You live, you learn and as Huckleberry Finn says:
I went right along, not fixing up any particular plan, but just trusting to Providence

I guess I'll do the same.
I keep you posted on how it goes.

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  1. LOL Wanda! I can see your delimma!
    You are so creative, I'm sure you will come up with something!
    Something I do, as our kitchen has limited outlets... I used an extention cord with 4 extra plugs per outlet, and I plug those little individual coil burners into each. They work wonderful!! Just like the stove, and can heat water to boiling just as fast - and the big pots sit nicely on them! Sounds kind of silly, but this allows me to have 10-12 pots going at one time, on a rotating schedule!! Maybe something like that would work for your area?
    Good luck! I'm sure you ALL will have a great time, and it will be everything you hoped! :D