Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Report

Along about 2 this afternoon we were all desperate for red bull.
But I had everybody park it and I did demos with them directing my actions.
We did Wandering today and the BIG Giant Stewpot.
I showed them how to watercolour dye , how to make a tint and they are excited to try saftey pin shibori tomorrow.

I did take pictures but left the camera back in the classroom.
So double pictures tomorrow !

I do have some pictures of last week's hook-in though.

Erin's Progress.... so beautiful.... I hope it is my Christmas present.

Marg's Sanibel Island Lighthouse, love that sky !

Lorraine and the exquisite house rug portrait she is making.

Glamourous Barbie and her beautiful colours

Shirley's Scrappy Oriental Progress

Marilyn's Exotically coloured ( LOVE THE COMBO ) nylon piece.

Linda redoing a few tiny parts of her Magnolia piece .... lovely

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