Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dye Class Catch Up

We are having a great time.
I noticed and commented to my class today how proud I was of them because when I assign them their tasks there are no longer questions of , what dye did you use, how much, where and how long.... they were acting like full grown creative wonder, they are ready to be kicked from the nest !

Here are the promised pictures from yesterday and today.

Heather's preparing

Bracing themselves for the day

The Shibori

Wonderful wool

Barb and Cheryl ohhhh and ahhhh

Piles of dyed lovelys just lying in heaps.

Fran's Wandering

I'll post more later , got to get some rest ...


  1. hi wanda girl,
    Thanks for the blog!
    Another job well done!!!
    Your students look very happy!!!
    Can't wait to be in your essence...
    I'm resting up, so you can put me thru your paces.
    Luv you darling,
    Happy hooking
    Wooldiva(rita hammock)

  2. Wow this week took more energy then doing spring cleaning. I have had one or is it two dye classes over the years but nothing as intense as this was. I took this class at the last minute and didn't know what I would expect. I thought that I came prepared but I ended up buying wool and more wool. Thank goodness it was recycled so the cost was low. Now did I learn anything? Oh goodness I sure did and my mind is swimming with information. My only drawback is penmenship. Since having a computer for so many years I hardly write anything by hand these days. The lessons were posted all over the studio and you wrote everything down or else commit everything to memory. Wanda I can promise you will hear from me when I dye again if I can't read my chicken scratch. I know that I enjoyed my week of dyeing and would do it again. Thanks for your patience.
    Acid Junkie

  3. Dear Acid Junkie,
    You did a great job this week, if you ever need me to help you remember something I'm there. It doesn't take any patience at all to have a workshop with people who love learning.

  4. Hi Wanda:

    You are an angel and as soon as I get several other jobs off my plate I shall practise what you taught. Right now I am racking my brain for ideas on what kind of rug can I design so that I can use up all those heavnly pieces that I created this week. I am thinking maybe primitive flowers. Hum I need green for leaves so when I practise I will work with the greens. That will be a change from the colors I used during the week. Once again thanks so much for a fantastic week.

    Acid Junkie