Friday, September 12, 2008

Start wet finish wet

There is an old saying .... raining at 7 (AM) over by 11.
I hope it holds true as it is a rainy old morning.
I had to unload my things for class in the rain and hope one baptism is enough.
Last night Denise, yes of the Brown town article fame, took me on a whirlwind tour of some lovely places. She is an exceptionally, thoughtful, wonderful person. She really made my work week here into a delightful holiday.
We went to Spun, a yarn store and a sewing shop , Sewing Machine Etcetera ,( whose thrust is education ) located side by side.
Then we were off to Indigo which I enjoyed as a refreshing change from the Chapters mode though I know they are owned by the same umbrella.
I now have great fodder for my long winter to keep ecited and stimulated as that's half my problem, not enough to think about.

Getting out of bed now to get going !
Sad to be going home BUT can't wait ! I especially miss the hairy ones.

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