Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turn Back Time

About 23 months ago I got a great super duper sewing machine.
I loved it.
I've never had a computerized sewing machine before and didn't know it shouldn't be INSANE.
I liked to think it had a lot of "personality".
It made drumbeats that required a hard shutdown, it wound half bobbins and frequently for a mile of stitches or so would not create even tension with no input or correcting from me would transmute. Just did. Then didn't.

In the nick of time, still under warranty, it really threw a hissy fit and would only loose chain stitch or sew in a lovely fashion but tell me every 4 stitches my thread was broken and shut me down.

Hard to get anything done.

Off we went to the dealer, off it went back to the factory, apparently it is bedevilled with a foul and loathsome mother board.
I may never see it again.

Meanwhile what can I sew with? 
It's cold, my ass cannot be bared to the wind, I need pants and a multitude of other things. I have my young sewists coming and must be prepared.
They had a model at the store that looked wonderfully familiar, yes it was my old friend, my first personal sewing machine, the one Man bought me when I was a young bride 150 years ago.

It came home with me for $85.
Straight stitch, zig zag, has zipper foot.
Sounds like a jet engine.
We are set to roll.

Canadians sometimes need to take desperate measures to keep warm!

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  1. I prefer to use my older machine that isn't computerized--it isn't fancy, but will sew through about 10 layers without complaining and always does beautiful free-motion stitching. I bought a "better" one about 6 years ago but find I only use it when I want to do blanket stitching or some other stitches my old faithful one doesn't have. So I totally understand going back to the basics!