Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heartful Handful # Several

Whew, it is hard to keep on top of things when I'm offline!
I'm glad to be back posting my "fuls"

Today I'm grateful for sunshine, I awoke with tremendous energy. Solar powered.

I was thrilled to see my outdoor menagerie joining me for breakfast.

It is ridiculous to say so but this "found" extra hour, I feel just divine about it, like I've somehow tricked Father Time into giving the treasure to me he spends so rapidly. I'm going to hoard it.

  But with wool of course.

I pretty much want to do this with all my shoes

What I created 

A lovely gathering of grey from formulas for the Welcome Mat and for my $30 Wandering Wool Dye Class 
You can join both if you like - go here

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