Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sew Good

On Tuesday morning I made a skirt for my friend. Oh how I loved making it. She is a hair artist and so I principally used fabric that wouldn't let hair adhere to it. I added a tie, some kimono silk and some lovely boon buttons from Waetchters. Long ago when we were fresh out of the wrapping I made her clothes and we were so happy. Now we are delighted to be in this dance again. We both hear the same music.

Flat on the front with plenty of playfulness, layer upon layer but only look that way. Just two skirts differently shaped and flounce added in rolling wave and the red one is just a patched in frill with it's own crinoline.
The whole kit and kaboodle gets thrown into the washer and dryer. Easy.

Here is the side view to show you the fancy spanish lace on the skirt waist, it appear for short distances on the underskirt near the bottom too.

The back gathers so my baby can get some fake back.

I have made dz of articles of clothing lately but shared none of the because of my crappy photos. Too much busyness behind them. I saw what my betters did and did the same. Nothing a little wool quilt batt won't solve.

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