Monday, November 4, 2013

Heartful Handful #13

Today I loved working with my sewist protege Meghan. She is in grade 8. She dreams up her creations and we solve the problems together to get there. Collaboration is enriching.

I love the way a piece of ribbon trim can remake a t shirt. And how it makes a new statement out of something old and cast down.

I'm always glad for interesting problems to solve.
Terry Dorr called me and said they have made a great new wool flannel product with a metallic thread  in it. 
I await it's arrival, meanwhile you can call to get some. There is gold and natural wool and silver in natural wool. I like called it The Lurex.

In my 10 minutes today I worked on this, still some improvements to be mastered, a WIP.
Tomorrow I will get up in the morning and conquer this seed pod.

I was inspired by the colours in this print:

And by this Street Styles of France pin board web site,  also lead to by Marcy Tilton's Newsletter, real people and their outfits! Very Entertaining! Mood Look

 Apparently many people's legs have been replaced by broomsticks. hmmm.

Anything goes if you have attitude!

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