Friday, December 30, 2011

Make Something Everyday # 30

Gotta make two was my motto today. I'm so revved up and excited about how well the way the new subscription service works for the Mat. I know it will free up scads of time I can apply to creativity.

With my excess energy I decided to make corn tortillas from scratch.

I did not have a press but used my most handy tool. My body.
And two cutting boards. I stepped on them. I'm for hire.
 I was surprised how well they turned out because after dry frying them they were dopplegangers for cardboard.
 A little rest with a dampened towel as directed and as you can see they folded up like an origami masterpiece. And best of all, they were delicious.

Last night we watched The Beaver. I finished the sleeves, they should be called a hug because that's how it feels to wear them. I want to add a cuff so tonight I'm picking up the cuff stitches and knitting in the round.

On the Mat January is our Geometric month. We are celebrating with our Day by Day journal challenge.
 You can now join the Mat for one month if you wish for only $5. It would be great to have you join us in our challenge. We have so much fun and wonderful encouragement when we do these. Our criteria is very expansive but  interesting as well, no hooking necessary, only creating in any medium.

Our free pattern and lesson coming up is dry felting a snowman. It is so much fun to see the personalities coming out of these wooly creations.

Here's to creativity of all sorts, go out and get yourself some!

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