Saturday, December 17, 2011

Make Something Everyday 15,16,17 - Coming out of the Closet

Maybe I should have named this post coming and going in the closet.
Be cause the traffic in the closets of this house has been unprecedented in the last two days.
If you use wood from a wall in your house to light the fire in your houses' furnace are you causing your house to be a cannibal?
Causing it to eat itself? What is that even called?
This is keeping me up some nights...
Not that I did it but what it is called when you are caused to eat a part of yourself.

Today I made this lovely curtain.
It is lovely because behind it is 
And some stuff I dye, like panty hose and yarns waiting to be coloured.
This shit used to take up a whole room! I feel so happy, between the Isalas and this closet, this house looks normal, well as normal as it can seeing as I live here. 

Here you see the making work of yesterday.
I cleaned out this closet after selling my loom to my friend Brenda.
It made us both excited and happy to make this transaction.
And now I can also store my fleeces and spinning materials out of site.
To the left you can see my giant sheet of foam I use to cut into squares to dry felt on and distribute to my felters. The sunlight discoloured it before I caught on and stored it in the dark.

And last but not least on Dec.1 I planted my crop of cat grass.
It has to remain in a dark closet until germination. It is now out of the closet and being mowed down each day. The seeds were a little old and are not all springing forth at the same rate.

I promise not to take you on any more tours of any of my closets,
 this year.

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  1. Oh, the satisfaction of it all....knowing where it is without everyone else knowing where it is! Lucky you to have the time to do it.