Sunday, December 11, 2011

Make Something Everyday #10

 I want you to think seriously about this before you go buying even more stuff during the season of over abundance.
Here is what came home to roost this week:
1 3 sided sectional
4 BIG hooked rugs
6 bolts of wool
1 large bag of superwash mill ends
a box of felting supplies ( tools and roving) 
1 box of books
1 box of magazines
(I confess I'm worried about being bored this winter.)

This couch has caused a seismic shift in the doings of the household.
This room became that room, that room became the dining room, the dining room became the storage room, this couch went there, that went over here... YIKES. The cats mill about looking for something familiar to no avail. There is a not even a space for a tree ! 
There is great turmoil.

You might be wondering right about now why I'm blathering on and on and not telling you what I made.

 Here's is the story and how the aforementioned relates.
I had a Karlstad chair from those clever swedish guys and yes it came from the As Is dept for a song. It has three outfits too, the best dressed chair in the house! My work space/ section of the big open space we mostly live in, the center of our house, where I sit to write this, the Welcome Mat, my articles and all my computer work was also the sudden new home of all my 4 chairs, two black, two gray. As a result my office chair became very much in the way and unsightly, crowded and big bottomed it was uckky. Yes, UCKKY. An assault to the senses.

I decided to affix casters to the bottom of the Karlstad so that it can be turned toward the desk when needed and turned towards the other chairs when it feels sociable.
I feel incredibly clever right now.
I think I deserve some popcorn.

 Karlstad facing the desk
 Casters perfectly installed
Karlstad being social

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