Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whose Daughter ARE you?

You all know I'm a rug hooker and a wool worker and frankly my dears I feel that is enough at this time in my life.
Coincide this fact with the fact we want to give #1 her wedding present. She forces us to call her #1. We have no choice.

Now we want to give these two something that lasts. A gift for a lifetime. Hopefully hand or homemade.

Far be it for me to lay one of my horrible rugs on someone unwanted. But really I can make any kind of vile rug and will ( just try and stop me) and it is something you can easily cover the woodpile with, let the dog vomit on or let your cat have kittens in, very, very useful. 
I think you can strain gravy through them too but I've never tried.

Last night on the phone I'm skirting the edge of this again...
When I asked her for the bleventy bleventh time what would she like or what would her number one 
( we must spell them this way to make sure we do not get mixed up) like I get met with silence.

And she says you know what I really want you to make ?
What I say? 

A quilt!
 A quilt?
A quilt!

Are you crazy? I'm not a quilter. I'm a hooker.
I hook.
Do you know who I am?
Do you want a wool quilt?

Why don't I make you a jet plane from recycled tin cans ?
Or maybe do the plumbing in your house with buttons and zippers ?
 Or maybe I could make you the leader of a small country with the power of my mind?
 All seem equally possible.

I'm standing firm, I am not a quilter.

Strangely I said the same thing about spinning and look what happened there.
No really  LOOK!

Terrifying, hold fast to your boundaries dear readers, hold fast.
All I need to break the spell is a kiss from a quilter.


  1. I know you can make anything you set your heart to Wanda! A quilt with hooking mixed in..... some recycled nylons........ She will cherish it!
    I'm not a quilter but if you lead the way...... imagine......
    Cathy G

  2. Here I thought you might be able to kiss me to return me to my self....
    I did think of it, a Wanda style quilt..... but decided NOPE.
    If you know of ANY quilters who would be willing to kiss me and break this spinster spell let me know.

  3. If you decide about the tin can airplane thing instead, I might be able to get you a deal on some refurbished fuel nozzles for the engines....THHHHwwwwaCK. That was the sound of you getting sucked in....LOL

  4. Blowing you a kiss my Dear...tho' it's a wooly kiss from me. I love to do wool applique about a simple pieced cotton back with wool applique?!? With motifs that are important to the One's?
    I've been playing with wool crazy quilt pillows...just starting on with a fabric photo of my Great Grandmother in here garden and building around that...
    Having computer issues...but if you are interested I can try and resurrect some photos...L

  5. Laurie, Thank goodness you broke the spell and you know you inspire me all the time with your amazing creations. I bet #1 would rather die than get such a cotton wool mixture. She is quite set in her ideas.

    Ah possibilities.... they are ever present but I won't be grabbing the quilting ring as it swings by just now. Bless you, you are not turning me. I'm pretty stubborn and not interested.

    Gracie, send the fuel nozzles, I've got an idea for a tin can water heater....

  6. Wanda - a solution! Find a fantastico quilter in your area and arrange a swap. Likely you'll find one with a child who's begging for a hooked rug and would rather die than have yet another quilted item from mom.

  7. I wonder why we all think that children's needs must be satisfied. It was the making of me not to get the Barbie Hair dressing head though I asked for every year for 10 years, as a matter of fact I still ask for it each Christmas to no avail.......
    I refuse to bow down.
    You have no idea the exacting standards- you can't just buy any quilt.
    #1 Makes Martha Stewart seem random.
    I would have to pick out every fabric and then it would have to be artful, unlike anything ever created, and refined in a way no one has imagined yet.
    It is like the mom who wants to go out to work but wants her child cared for with notations as though she was present every second by another person.
    She should just do it herself! LOL
    Ya'll know this whole post is for fun, entertainment! No solution necessary.

  8. You're right Wand - going to call you by your new handle because I've seen it in 2 places now. We do cater too much to kids' whims, no more! And btw, I still ask for a dog and a horse every year to no avail.