Monday, October 31, 2011

A Big Wheel

Happy Hallowe'en!

It was treat only today when we went to spin in because we had a great person, Bridget demonstrate and then teach us to spin on a Walking Wheel if we wished.

 She found this walking wheel in a family farm homestead and they handed a bag of parts to her and said, good luck. By trial and error and sometimes great luck in finding people with skills to help her to  refurbish it she then taught herself to use it. Clever!

I was the witch in the story spinning old school but she was a genius and so great at teaching you what to do. Most likely a princess. She wasn't wearing a nightgown though.

A very old school style of spinning, probably what they were doing during the of the Salem Witch  Trials, this is not for those of us who like to sit down. You can see a demo here, this is not Bridget! But this is how you do it. Very dancelike and calming to watch. Sorta Tai Chi for spinners.

Here is one- not a wheel for apartment dwellers!

Today I spun special wool for Alicia's fingerless gloves she won in The Wool of Fortune, the Welcome Mat's game show.

I'm wishing you the treat of wonderful wool working for you this week!


  1. Wanda You didn't hafta but I'm glad you did and I cant wait to see (not to hurry tho!)

    I think our foremothers had to be running their arses off all day and part of the night to accomplish their work. Standing up to spin--who knew!?

  2. Standing up to spin....well,.... that's so these hard-working women didn't have to get up to check the preserves bubbling on the stove, to tend the 6 children munching home vittles around the harvest table, to swish the cat's hair balls into a dustpan, to add firewood to the open fireplace, to continue to dip those candles as the evening light fades, and oh yes, nurse the baby! Did I forget to mention that they had their rug hooking close by too!