Monday, October 17, 2011

Let 'er rip I say

I feel pretty strongly about ripping out offending loops as I hook.
I'm not from the leave it in and see what it looks like later school of thought, I'm not that curious.

When I'm deciding to rip out it is instant.
I ask myself the question, is this colour selection doing the job it needs to in this section I placed it?
Of course I already kinda know what it will need to do, because mostly while hooking I hold a pretty firm concept in my mind. Maybe it needs to recede or provide a fence or make another part stand out or make rest for the eye, or keep action and passivity balanced. There are many jobs colour does.
I can see that right away. I don't wait, fearing a domino effect by letting a slacker stay in the work place I fire them as soon as possible in case soon everybody is leaning on their brooms.

I often rip out pitifully formed loops too especially when I'm trying to go in another direction and I start loosing my smooth corn kernel look.

Right now I'm hooking Spirit Moose with leftovers from my summer rugs.
It is clear when one part is alarming. When light dawns over yonder yardarm I'll take a photo for you. Meanwhile you can imagine all the strips left from 3 rugs joining together, hmmm dogs breakfast anyone?

I just realized you might have though this entry was more of a gaseous nature.
Sorry to disappoint.

Signed the old windbag

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