Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blockage/Spinrite/ Styling

If only my sinuses would act half wise I'd be able to think and function.
Instead they are trying to take over my whole body with their rebellious ways. Who needs a teenager when they have a sinus condition? Continuous hell with intermittent periods of drainage but not of the wallet thankfully.

On a happy note today someone told me my rugs were like fine french food. Wasn't that delightful?
But really I wish they would stop eating them because they are made largely of butter and cream and that stuff is expensive to replace and harder to hook with.

I went to the Anderson Center Site and learned they called me Wand in the list of artists.
Isn't that cute?
 I would have like them to add Magic to that, like Magic Johnson.
I would really be styling then.

Speaking of styling I'm going to be getting more grown up furniture.
This is part of my bid to no longer live like "honeymooners in their first apartment ala orange crates and found street orphans of chest of drawers and couches"

It is a good thing. A sectional. I took cat hair to choose the material best suited to not show it.
I hope the next person who chooses that sample is not allergic.
It is a twill weave with a repeat making small diamonds. 
If I can't wear 'em I'll sit on 'em.
It was music to my ears when the saleswoman said, do you know about our sale?

I also went to the Spinrite outlet. I was hoping for cones of fine things.
I was mildly disappointed but did find some things for core spinning and for the stuff to make this yarn, I'm going to make wrap a wreath with it:

 Celie likes it!
And I spun this yarn... and plied it at Back to Basic's Monday Spin in
 And look at the way roving and then spun locks that were plied back on themselves look from the same dye pot lot.
 And here are some spun natural locks ( BFL)

I have also finished hooking my spirit Moose and will post him here tomorrow
 Happy hooking and spinning!


  1. Hi Wand(a)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new couch. I assume that it is "beige" to match your cats and that you are going to bring it to life with lots of colourful pillows. You are so "not beige".

    Be careful not to sit on the cats.

  2. Marion!
    Yuo can call me Magic! LOL.
    The couch's colour is not beige but still does not show hair of lightly coloured cats, It's a miracle!