Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tercer Día

Lawanna and I challenged each other to hook this pear rug using pixelation. Only two lops allowed before cutting the strip. I confess if I had a block of one colour to insert I cheated like Mick Jagger on Bianca!
It was so tedious!
I my experience, like some other devices / inventions "made" for rug hooking...it wasn't worth the trouble.
Give me shapes any day! There is nothing that will substitute for being able to see what is there, the number or direction of loops falls a far second!
Doesn't it look good on my chair?
Happy hooking


  1. It's GORGEOUS! I love looking at the loops close - up! Soothing!
    Congrats on so many finishes and your future son is a cutie! You've trained your daughter well!
    Cathy G

  2. One down - how many to go??? Looks great. You will find me on the sidelines - cheering you on!