Monday, May 16, 2011

FINISHING And Abandoning

I'm here to tell you finishing and keeping your nose to the grindstone is starting to tick me off.
I console myself:

Maybe if I wore these pants while I finish I might be more enthusiastic!

I'm going to go down to the studio now and root around for today's finishing task.... imagine me like french pig looking for truffles in the oak forest, but with these pants on. I got IT going on!

And now a brief word from Man:
Don't lay all your big ol' turkey eggs in one nest and then get too scared by the screaming to come back to it.
I feel this is pretty sage advice. See what you can do to follow it.


  1. I woke up today half dreaming about what to put on the back of the nest. I haven't done many hookings yet, but TTTT (to tell the truth), though I do the edges I've not finished a back, yet!

  2. Time to spin your little heart out. Make a wonderful and then back to the grindstone. Just remember me driving to work each day with 200 taskmasters....whine.sigh.whine. OH, SATURDAY, OH SUNSHINE! Why hast thou forsaken us??????