Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Acabado Cinco Mayo- Día Cuatro

Triple zig zagged, trimmed and sergered ( ? is this a word, I usually say serged but is that a word? I think I'm tired, now that's a word!) edge, found yarn, tried to crochet edge, gave up for tonight.
Still, it is something right?

On another note you should see what my dye class is doing, they went right to town today and back again! They are doing fantastically! I'll show you some more tomorrow!
Lucie, made this amazing wandered fleece! I want to run right overthere and spin it, good thing ithis is an online class because I'd just lay that one to dry in a secret location if it were here.....


  1. Hi, Wanda... I posted that blog I that mentioned TWM and mentioned you! Thanks!