Sunday, May 1, 2011

El Acabamiento Cinco en Mayo, Primera Parte

Viva la Primera Parte
So far my recovery is going very smoothly. I zig zagged , twice round my backing edge, I sewed my little wool piping now ready to apply and..... I ripped out offending loops in a current project. I achieved all I desired today and I feel good. My oar is wet and I'm ready to paddle hard tomorrow!

Here is the wonderful too good to be believed treasures I was sent by my Welcome Mat Fibre Friday swap partner Chris Hall! Can you believe it? She is a very generous woman. What I especially love are the colour ways she sent, an exciting twist for me! Wonderful!

And now a new feature, Tips from Man
Today Man suggests a typing method that will ensure you don't get carpel tunnel syndrome from too much hooking , spinning or typing. He calls it the Frankenstein Claw. Keep those wrists straight!!!
Blessings to you in all you do and create.

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