Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Trip is Worth a Thousand Inspirations

Me at Craighleith
Yesterday I went to a larger centre, did you know I live in a small town but in a rural area? It's a two hour drive to Starbucks in other words. Not that I drink the devil's brew but just to illustrate.

What did I do that made such a difference, what inspired me?
Driving out of my comfort zone in air conditioned comfort.
Spending a peaceful, happy day with my man.
Seeing new colours in fashion then discovering I'm being drawn to white right now over and over and over.
Bringing home some new issues of magazines that never fail to spark me in some way.
What is it about a bookstore that calms me so and excites at the same time?
Looking at things other people made and displayed creatively.
I saw a 1 gallon teapot, at a great store called Our House ( met another Wanda!!!) a hooker needs that teapot for friends on Thursdays.
Have my favourite, a Thai salad, Som Tam and a whole Thai meal
Stick my feet into a bath tub warm ( I can't believe it even now) Georgian Bay, here in Wiarton there might still be the odd ice pan in our section of the Bay, well it feels that way!!! Refreshing is the word I'd use.
Seeing the same thing from a different view.
Drawing a picture of what I saw and disappearing for an hour in it, I love that feeling which once frequent is now rare as hen's teeth.
I gained a fresh idea for hooking a rug, also as rare as can be.

I've got riches today my friends, riches stored up and ready to share.

Life begets life. Energy becomes energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.
Sarah Bernhardt


  1. We all have riches in life, and some of us are blessed by living in this wonderful part of the world.