Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drawing by the shore/ Broccoli Heaven

I'm a dastardly blogger this summer. I can't seem to settle down at the computer unless it is cool out or I have company in the house. The two things seldom coincide. Man it has been a steady run with the dehumidifiers, it has been so hot and wet.
Lots of good things have been happening in the steam bath though.

Happy at the shore post picnic

My sketch

I'm teaching my online design class and I'm working myself on the the Line portion of class.
Here is a picture I drew by the shore or if I want to be all arty like I'd say a sketch instead of a picture.

Here is the amazing incredible broccoli island floating in a sea of mac and cheese! It grown by the gifted and green thumbed Peter Allemang, I cannot believe he and Erin gifted us with one. It was a whole new eating experience! Thank you guys!
Rugs to look at tomorrow my friends....
Can't wait to show you..
PS This week on the Welcome Mat we are having a Back to basics week, I hope you'll drop in with your fine self to have a look see!


  1. Great use of line to convey texture and shape contrast.

  2. Lawanna,
    That is so encouraging... thank you!