Monday, July 26, 2010

Cedar Point- An Inspiration

Cedar Point
2002 hand torn on linen
As you might have noticed I like to return to certain parts of my area again and again.
I'm like that in all parts of my life, there is always something new to discover both about myself and my surroundings.
Several years ago I took this photo in the very late winter or very early spring.
I wanted to make a rug of it but I wanted to do it in the style of strip piece quilting. Hooked in straight rows, I didn't make the shapes of the shore or water and then hook around them I went row by row.
It was amazing fun to do. I needed to really edit and it was very hard to set aside my right brain to make the shore disappear down the bay. As soon as I remind myself to do what I see, I was on easy street I used this photo and another one to flesh out the right hand area more and allow me make a landscape rectangle instead of a portrait style one.

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