Friday, June 12, 2009

Timely Message

Today as I realized I can longer procrastinate over something I must do I read this quote !
Vita of Sutton QC, Canada, wrote: “The more time it takes to decide what to do, the more time we will need.”

We talked yesterday at hook-in about the benefits of just acting when we are puzzled about how to proceed.
Doing something allows us to at least eliminate what won't work.

It is especially difficult to pick up projects you had some vigor about awhile ago and try get the engines started.
Just starting back in any where will be enough.
It ain't a thinking thing, it is a doing thing.

Our growth shouldn't proceed in a straight upward motion, how boring is that ? Like this tree is more handsome for it's sideways reaching, embrace the twists and turns that make up your creative life, it's all good.

Photo Credit:
Oleg Moiseyenko

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