Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm having a draw !

Hi All,
Tell a friend about this blog and I'll enter your name into a draw for a hank of silk satin. This stuff is hand dyed by me and it is DELUXE ! You can pick the colour of your choice !
So write in and let me know who you told in order to enter the contest !
Draw to be Held Canada Day July 1 !

Here is a picture of some partial hanks and the inspiration for them !


  1. Hi Wanda ~ I have told my friend, Heidi, about your blog and countless others, I am sure! I always tell people that Wanda, who started the Welcome Mat, has to know more about color and dying than anyone! And all of those colors in that picture are gorgeous ~ any color would be wonderful!
    Thanks for all your work moderating the Mat ~ it is just a great wealth of information!

  2. I came to visit because Lauri, MizT sent me an invite.
    I have never worked with silks myself, but they are beautiful.


  3. Hi, Hi Wanda,
    I'm telling everyone that reads my blog, cuz there is a link there to here! You know me...I'd pick GREEN!
    Happy days to you ~Laurie

  4. Hello Wanda, Lauri(Miz T) told me about your blog. I thought that I would stop by and say hello.

  5. Hi Wanda, Love Your work, I worked with silk embroidery years ago. My friend Lauri(MizT) told me about your blog. Pick my friend Lauri!!!!

  6. Julie Mosgrove told me about your blog.
    Nice colours!

  7. Hi Wanda, spoke with Nancy Thompson yesterday, and told her about your blog...she said she was going to see you at camp! Love all that you do...and Turquoise is my favorite color.Winnie

  8. JACKIE ROOP sent me here to your blogg this morning!Hope she wins the ribbons by Wonder girl!Great Blogg!


  9. Wanda,

    Jackie Roop sent me a message about your post on the ribbons. She would like to be entered to win it. I have your blog on my Red Jack Rugs blog roll, and it announced your ribbon post when you put it up.

  10. Hi Wanda...Auntie Bling (Jackie)sent me to snoop at your beauties...VERY NICE!!!hope she wins BIG...Kelly

  11. Hi Wanda, Jackie Roop told me about this. I would love to be entered to win. Thanks. Martha

  12. Hi Wanda,
    Jackie Roop sent me to enter the drawing. I love the blog. And the ribbons. Hope you are well I am going to tell Louise, and Jean about the draw. See you soon

  13. Hi Wanda
    Jackie Roop told me about your contest