Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Stove and Etsy

I have two pieces of great news.
On Thursday my new stove arrived or as they are now called my range.
Thanks to Erin and Peter we got it into the house safely without any unfortunate mishaps and as my favorite saying goes I will indeed be cooking with gas by this time next week.
She is a beaut from Ikea of all places, made for them by Whirlpool. How I chanced onto it can only be called divine as I had exhausted my self several months in a row, try 8 or 9, trying to find what I wanted in the reasonable price range ( PUN ALERT )
No one on this planet knows more about ranges than I at this point. What I wanted didn't seem in the realm of the impossible.
36" 5 or 6 burner , convection if I could get it. NO ELECTRONICS. Now that last request was the kicker, I could get nothing without a plethora of geegaws that would make your head spin.I did find one model agreeable, it was in the $9,000 price area.
Lord thundering ..... It cost more than my house ! I was trying to rack my brain for ideas about looking for ranges, where else could I possibly try to look ?
Then I though about places that sell kitchens and thought I would scope out models they had on display, I thought of Ikea and was shocked to see they are now selling appliances. And there was the clone to my agreeable model... well, well.
Thanks to help from Michele who went to see on at her local Ikea for me and crtitique it saving me a trip to Toronto from here, (they did not even have them on display yet I learned) I've got my splendid heart's desire STOVE for all my cooking and dyeing needs.

On another thrilling and related note I've changed my shopping pages on the website to an Etsy store
This way I can keep fresh and interesting stock on there and you will have more opportunity for my one of a kind style of operating. We will all be happy I think !
I 'm able to show case things you might not be aware I even make, so have fun looking around. There will be new items added frequently.

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  1. Congratulations on your new range! Can I assume you will now host dinner for everyone on The Welcome Mat? I can bring the salad! I'm pleased to see that I am no longer your only stalker on your blog. You always have such wonderful information and posts that make me smile. Happy belated Valentines Day...hope it was a good one!