Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Purse Progress

Here is the purse, Sticks and stones as it lays right now !

Here is a little report I wrote up about it.
When I was challenged to make a purse I quickly set my mind toward some fun theme around which to build my bag. I thought about how I love rocks and like to collect them, then I thought about the question frequently asked about a woman's hand bag when hoisted by a man ! I immediately liked the idea of carry around a bag of rocks ! Of course these could be no ordinary stones but rather gems. I did toy with the idea of making an invisible bag , showing all I usually carry inside the bag on the outside, but I gave that up quickly for a more simple treatment. I used a piece of a product I call most humbly, The World's Most Beautiful Wool which provided the gems, the back was Starry Night from my Daughter's of Darkness article. I had a houndstooth check in the same general colours spot dyed and used it in sticks for the saddle.

Surprisingly it took over 1 and 1/4 yds of wool to make this. I used hand torn strips. All that remains s the construction of it, I plan to line it with fairly plain wool so I can see the contents when I need to. I will stabilize both the lining and purse itself with iron interfacing I have that is woven cloth to keep stretching due to the weight of the actual contents to a minimum. I hope this will keep the loops from catching and pulling out too during wear. The handle will be of the houndstooth and piping made in to deconstructed ( seam showing ) double handle. My purse is a lower more open envelope style bag due to the shape of the first piece of linen I grabbed. It is my plan to use this bag as advertising for hooking in my town, a walking billboard for the amazing things that can be created by anybody ! To bring my hooking out of my house and into the public space, and attract people who want to create.

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