Friday, February 6, 2009

F-it Day Success

Thea and I spent the whole day running around but I cleverly took along my moon rug and I got the wool sewn on the back in the car. I feel so glad to have this rug done. It has taken a whole load of Finish it Fridays to get it to this point too. I just have to press it and it is ready to ..... well, I wonder what to do with it?
This is the first time that has crossed my mind !
How many of us have rugs we roll up and store ?

Make sure you get some good hooking time in this week-end, it's looking like I can and I'd love for you to join me !
On Sunday I'm holding a Mother-Daughter hook-in, it should be great fun,I've got grade one to grade 3 girls coming as well as my own who are slightly older. I'll take some pictures !

Did you find any strong patterns ?

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  1. Wanda,
    CRACK ME UP! I first saw F-it and thought of something TOTALLY different than finish-it.....ever had the OTHER F-it kind of Friday and just did what you wanted instead?