Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Purse or should I call it THE PRISON

Yes my friends the purse is at a dreadful stand still, can you believe I'm letting a tiny thing like dyeing a piece of wool stop me from moving ahead ?
Now truthfully there is more to this story than I 'm telling you.
I'm not that fond of how it is turning out. In a fit of punny business I thought I would surmount my wool shortage with a new idea... add sticks to the stoneless area. Then I could call it sticks and stones. I have not tried this yet , but I do believe I will commence to build the remainder two or three stones I can squeeze out of my wool.
Then I shall decide what is next. As with everything there is a fear here I bet .... of not making something interesting.

It is my belief that creativity is just a series of choices we make. How free we are in our minds to consider possibilities and especially to make them welcome is how creative we will be.

So I think this is one of the times I best be hooking instead of just thinking about it. The universe will always reward movement.

I'll post a picture when the stones are accomplished tomorrow. Maybe prison bars would be a good addition to this bag.

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