Thursday, December 13, 2007

Question about glow in my Rug October

The Divine Lawanna Holmes of Minneapolis MN said
I love the way the colors glow ( in your rug October). How did you do

I am Big on the Glow !!!!
I make it happen a group of different ways.

Visual Excitement:

I use opposite colours together!

Using like value and temperature colours to create one ( I usually throw in a close but other temperature colour in there like burgundy with a mostly blue, green, purple situation.

If I'm making something red as I go toward the edges of the motif I'll switch to orange, then yellow if I want to really make a BIG glow.
You can do this with cool colours too, just always work toward the bright.

So If I'm making something blue, I could layer blue violet on the blue, then violet, the red violet.... OR I could go blue to blue green to green to yellow green. One of my hookers is doing just that in a sky, she is indicating a glowing dawn with a subtle yellow green on the horizon. Go Dayle !!!

Sometimes I build gradation into the wool by having a piece dyed that travels through 3 colours and creates 2 more where they overlap and combine in the pan. I just hook that wool as is and it glows because I usually dye it from a lighter colour to a darker one or a brighter one to a duller one.

This brings me to
Settings and Jewels. I use a dull background with a brighter motif and that creates glow but the dull you chose needs to relate well to the bright and they must enhance each other.

Light against Dark
Here is the last way I create glow.
I make sure I have places where there are good degrees of value separation between my motif and background.

If you have a comment or question please ask !

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