Friday, December 14, 2007

Light Backgrounds- How to make them sing

Where I started hooking light background were the bomb , most every one used them most all the time. As an avowed daughter of darkness I wasn't too interested in them but did notice they did not often "match " the motifs in the rug. Dyed with various tan, brown, gray type colours they seldom had the reactive, supportive influence on the leading ladies we might desire.

I've had very good success dyeing light backgrounds with vivacity the following ways:

Making a very light spot dye of the colours contained in the motifs.
You might first examine if the colour should swing to the warm or cool. For instance, if my rug is composed of blue and purple pansies I might chose to use a hint of warm purple, the warm green, caramel and gold you find in the pansy center to create my spot to alleviate all the cool flowers and to further intensify the coolness by laying them on the warm background.
The pastel value spot is a great way to enhance what you already see in the rug and it's quick and easy.

Another way I like to go is to dye up pastels of 9 or so of my dyes from different sections of the colour wheel, making them all the same level of value and intensity.
I use these all together by ripping all the pastel pieces in half , cutting these up, throwing them in a bag and hooking them as they come out on half the rug. When it's done cut up the other half of the pastels and carry on completeing my rug. This is terrific ! You can throw a tied off hank of yarn into each dye bath if you want yarn to match the edge too.

Make sure you light background is not something that takes all the "joy" out of your main picture.
This would include any areas of light colour in a rug, white house, clouds,snow, you get the drift ! ( that was punny )
Happy and expansive hooking.
If you have any questions at all I'd love to answer them, just send them into the blog....

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  1. Hi, Wanda

    I have bought wools from you that glow. How do get the glow effect from the dye pot?

    Also, what do you mean by not taking the "joy" out when you have a lot of clouds or snow?