Saturday, December 15, 2007

Answering Lawanna's comments

Lawanna asked :

Hi, Wanda

I have bought wools from you that glow. How do get the glow effect from the dye pot?

Also, what do you mean by not taking the "joy" out when you have a lot of clouds or snow?



I love things that glow !
In the dye pot there are ways to accomplish this by using the same thoughtfulness as when we want to create glow when we hook.

Use the knowledge you have of using light against dark, bright against dull, cool against warm , complementary.... you know what I mean.

If I want to make a glowing blue, I would use some turquoise in it.

Glowing red I would try having some orange spots, or fuschia ones.....
Does that make sense to you ?

Taking the joy out ... that means using a white that isn't the correct one for the palette. A wrong white can really ruin the effect we usually want from that white.

You want the clouds or snow to reflect the surroundings, Try googling images of cloud or snow and you'll soon see what I mean. Paintings especially point out the importance of "the right white " or what will appear white or act white for any given palette. Paintings are more apt to be using expressive colour or more imaginative or enhanced colour than we might be able to see. Take look at the picture of the birch tree, my it was like looking at a rainbow !!!!

Taking the joy out, or settling for any old white will leave your white areas flat looking.
Does this help?

One thing that will really point out the importance of the correct acting whites (or any colour for that matter ) is a site called

Look for a snow picture or a sky with clouds.
Click on segplay FREE > choose a pattern.
Thanks for asking dear Lawanna.

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