Monday, December 3, 2007

Colour and Rug hooking

Once you learn how to bring up a loop the only thing we need to know is how to use colour effectively.
We might be good at putting colours together, but are we good at making sure our rugs have value contrast ?

Not usually.

We don't have areas of really dark to really light in our rugs.

We have one or the other or lots of medium values.

This does not make for a glorious rug.

To see rugs from a distance and let them still have discernible motifs and drama we need think rethink how we use colour as rug hookers.

To recognize the values ( light to dark ) as you colour plan look through a camera set to black and white at your wool selection.
You might be surprised how many of the very different colours you chose are the same value. And how they will blend and bleed together as your rug is viewed from any distance, say over 8 feet.

Here is a picture of wool, and the same wool in black and white.... hmmmm
What do you think ?

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