Monday, March 2, 2015

March! Already

March is a month unlike any other as it has a directive for action built right in!
March requires movement.

Yesterday I compiled my plans for the month, will I be able to do it all?
Who cares? So what if I don't?
At least I have written down what needs to be done, all in one place and can stop juggling them in my mind. When I drop a ball in that dark chasm, it is often lost for several woolly days.

Every other week on The Welcome Mat I produce formulas just like I do for Rug Hooking Magazine, using all three main dye companies.
On opposing weeks I post my past articles which are now free from contractual agreement.

There are new fresh things and great stand bys too. The best thing?
 I'm right there to answer your questions when you ask them.

Last week I published some terrific formulas there that just happened to be among the first I wrote.
I was dyeing for this rug, My English Garden.

Here are a couple for you to try. You will see at the bottom the original swatch samples, If you'd like to make a swatch of this formula use 1 cup of water total.
If you would like to make a swatch that will actually shade something well use twice as much dye in each jar. This is what will make a perfect value gradation according to the gray scale. Why settle for something less?
I learned this the hard way. Double every jar!  It doesn't matter which measure you start at 1/32 to 1/4 or even 1/2 tsp ( you will need more dye) the next one should be double- 1/6th , 1/2 or 1 if we are considering our examples.

All samples are dyed over 1/8th yd of natural or white wool.
I dye all my samples in the microwave, I start with boiling water from the stove kettle. I pour 6 cups of water into an 8 cup receptacle.
I add the dye, the wet wool, stir well by pushing the wool back and forth through the water.
Cook for two one minute intervals on full power then half power, stir well and do it again.
Stir again add a small amount of acid. If fine grained use about 1/32 tsp. If coarse grained use about 1/4 tsp. Stir wool some more .
Process for one more  interval.
The water should be clear, if not leave dye receptacle standing with a news paper lid for 10 minutes or so.
Rinse well, dry the way you like!
Thorn Shine - Majic Carpet  I love this colour
1/32 tsp. Reddish Brown
1/32 tsp. Blue
Here it is in light to dark samples

Rosdelion Majic Carpet 
1/32 tsp Chocolate Brown
1/32 tsp. Yellow
1/2 inch damp round toothpick of Orange 
1/2 tsp. damp round toothpick of Moss Green
I've already used Rosedelion up in my Journal rug!
That is on it's way to being done hooray!
For another beautiful formula from this collection go to The Majic Carpet Club

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