Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dyeing For Simple Formulas?

Today is dyeing day on The Welcome Mat.
We are focusing on simple ways to increase our number of dye formulas, a safe way to depart from dye books!

These beauties are the contents of my article, products of the three main dye companies hookers use.  

I'd like to share a Majic Carpet formula with you.
I think this colour would make an interesting background.

Soft Gill Algae
note: it is a little lighter in real life

1/8th yd of natural wool in a microwave dye bath method ( you can use any dye bath method)
Soft Gill Algae
1/128th tsp. Chocolate Brown
1/128th tsp. Moss Green

Happy dyeing!


  1. Beautiful wool. Would these formulas work on Osnaburg as well?

  2. Betty, These Majic Carpet dyes are for protein fiber and Osnaburg is 100% cotton. You would need formulas set up for plant based fibers dyes.
    It could be that if you got liked coloured dyes for plant based fiber you could get something similar.