Friday, August 2, 2013

Car Wear - Working Over Old Goods to Make New

What a messed up background, packing is hell on the house hold and truly I don't think I have a blank wall to keep it calm.
This week I've spent lots of great creative energy getting my car clothes ready.
I sourced some fantastic second hand rose clothing to restyle /refit and do up for me to wear traveling.

 Double trouble T shirt skirt and tie trim top

 2X top brought way down to size with a hand dyed silk ribbon weaving and tuck twist.

Grey sparkle top increased in size by splitting the back and inserting trim bottom, adding a metal and cotton mesh trim, you crinkle it and it stays crinkled

Skirt got an added dot bottom , top got a silk tie trim and tucks

 Close up of tie trim

Double twist wrap to keep warm if needed

 Cute polka dot top got a shirring on the side

 2 dresses became one

 Close up of trim

Back view of same dress

 Little peasant dress with wonderful embroidery I'll wear with petticoat OR knit gauchos

Other side of skirt and pieced to enlarge beaded top.

NOTE: These were staged on my tiny dummy, I fill things out a little more voluptuously.
Comfort in the car.... I need it.