Sunday, January 15, 2012

Man Made/ Boyfriend's back

Man Made? I should say hand made for Man's hands.
Handspun for hands. I added crocheted demi thumbs.
I do not know how to crochet.

Oh hai! Why you taken a picture of dat?

Really, I'm shy, don't look at me, please.

Hah I fooled you. I knows I's very pretty by blue against cream.
I has siamese colour sense, very vogue.

Some people are getting too old to have cold hands, Man let the goodness of pure wool heal your aches.

The bextest (isn't that the bextest word?)  part of this yarn for me... I plied it with a sweater sleeve I deconstructed to knit an edging for same sweater which will now be a vest for The Man.
 Speaking of men, do you know what my boy friend said yesterday?

You'll want to look out for that...


  1. OK Miss W, several things. I like those man-colored gloves mucho (I like mine better, just sayin). Yes you apparently can crochet-cool demi-holes. So pretty a siamese kitty, they like to pretend to be shy, then they talk their heads off and lick you silly. Pretty rug too behind her, I don't remember seeing that one. Do you have secret rugs you haven't posted? Say hi to Al for me. Love his hair.

  2. Alicia!
    Celie is a hussy who will get her photo taken any time but won't let anyone but me and Jean pet her.
    That rug is a journal rug from quite a few years ago. Challene: a shape and colour for each day. Like a lot of rugs Maybe it looks different when you see it close up and I bet I have lots of rug NOBODY can ever see until I go to the great hooker haven in the sky. My hair looks kinda the same as boyfriend's today. I'm gonna chop his sweater next.

  3. Lovely and rugged looking...the mitts I mean, not you, although you are lovely just not rugged....lucky man! And then there is my darling Celie....she's Smurf's pin up. Hope today was filled with doing what makes YOUR heart sing. I finally got the Time Capsule more nagging! LOL

  4. Does it do time travel? I believe Steve Jobs is making that work from beyond...