Saturday, January 21, 2012

In High Sew

I'm deep in Sewville and I'm loving every minute.
 I'm sitting here WARM as toast in pants that FIT me everywhere.
 I used to be a clothing designer years ago and I just got tired of not having what I needed to sew great things so I quit. WTF???? - I have my mood ways.
Fast forward 12 years:
Now I can dye and have developed many other tricks I can apply and with my new babylacs or cadilocks if you will, and a daily devotion to Emmaonesock .... I'm in dream land.
Today I made this up-cycled, reclaimed, greener than green red sweater and BTW I know it looks like something that rhymes with Mulva and her friend Delores. Man had his say so already!!

Let's face facts:
I like it and it looks good. I love the way the cashmere cuffs and collar HUG me. I took two things I wouldn't wear and turned them into something so me!
That's all that matters.
I used a very simple wool high v necked sweater and a cashmere turtleneck for fodder. I cut the crap out of both, neither was one felted. No serging - too much like everyone else. I just simply stitched a holding line along edges. Invisible. Light looking. Right looking for me.
The Jagina Monologue continues.


  1. This is fab! Love the rose, and the drape of it, and the cashmere of it all.....and if man thinks it looks like mulva, well, we all know about men..LOL!

  2. Clever girl! Lovely color....and those dangly bits are so chic. I was expecting something grey! LOL Where's the trousers? So happy you've found your groove again! xx