Sunday, January 1, 2012

Learn to Dry Felt

Once a month on The Welcome Mat we get a free pattern to have our way with.
This time we are going to step outside our boundaries a tiny bit.
In two weeks I'll be posting a video class on the Mat on how to dry felt or as it is sometimes called, needle felt. We will make a 3-D snowman/woman and while doing this you will develop all the skills you need to create any dry felted object.
You will need tools though, hence the two week wait.
You will need natural roving, don't get top, if you want a white snowman/woman. I encourage colour expression here so explore the possibilities with what you have on hand if you wish.
You will need orange roving or yarn or even wool felt or fabric for the nose and some black roving or yarn or fabric for coal.
You will need dry felting needles #38 stars or triangles get 6 in case they break. If you want a holder for the needles a pencil shaped one works best.
You will need a foam pad, pretty thick, at least 3 or 4 inches or a dry felting brush if you wish, I always use a foam pad. 
To find these tools in Canada, you can go to Gemini Fibers and materials too.
In US you can go to Joggles for tools and Joggles for materials
In Britain you can go to Texere
 Or your local fibre shop may well be able to satisfy you.
The rest of the things you will have close to hand, a pin, a darning needle, old fine knit felted sweater to cut up, very small branch ended twigs.
I hope you will join us in this fun endeavour. Dry felting is great to combine with rug hooking, it's all woolly! 
 You can see the two Wandaworks studio classes on video  here and here to see what needle felting is like and what you will make.

Are you wondering why I'm telling you about this when you are not a Mat member?
I suggest you sign up for a free month, join the class, learn something new and see the wonderful changes that have taken place there since you were last visiting or a member. 
There are more and more value added initiatives each month.
And as a bonus you can join in to our January Challenge during your month trial period- Day by Day, a geometric journal.
Let's chase the winter doldrums before they even get close!

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