Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scenes From an Outdoor Dyeing Adventure

When at home I don't dye outside. But with a deadline looming and a humidex of bleventy bleven I decided to take matters outside. Due to the lack of dedicated outlets I had to have only one pot on (actively heating) at a time. So I let it rip to roiling boil ( no harm came to the wool) and then turned it down, that combined with the hokey pokey and some intuition I finally solved the problem of getting yellows to take up while in a dye bath. You can read about it come this November. I made 1 dz. easy, delicious yellows for you.


  1. I watched your WMat video on dip-dying today, but couldn't catch the name of the type of dye you used. Sounded like it came in a bottle??

    I like the pix here of dye pots with what looks like breakfast on the table!

  2. Gigi!
    That's not breakfast that's the detritus of dyeing and my laptop. What a mess!

  3. Oh I forgot to answer you about the dye, I'll have to go watch it!

  4. Gigi,
    I used Majic Carpet Bottle Green and Prochem Boysenberry !

  5. Hi Wanda, what type of dye pots are these? Are they rice cookers? Where did you get'em?

  6. Alicia,
    The dye pots are the Presto Kitchen Kettle, available at a Walmart close to you for only 19.99 ea. Also can be sent to you from Amazon.com because you live under the stars and stripes. Here in Canada we are not allowed such vaunted and lofty cooking equipment, it must be smuggled, not by me of course. Never.