Friday, June 17, 2011

New Do Weathers the Night & Fog

Allyson commented on the lack of photo for my hair do! I was alone and had no one to record the momentus do!
Today I remembered the photo booth on my Mac.
So here ya go! Straightened in this photo I can let it go curly too.
This is after a night's sleep, a foggy walk, a wind blown car ride.
And it is still ticking!
The mark of a great cut!

I am so vain about my hair it is pathetic. Really.


  1. Love your chic cut! So free and fun! Can we see the back? Pretty Please!
    Also you have 100 followers in case you have been too busy looking in the mirror! Just kidding my sweet friend!
    Cathy G

  2. Honey !
    I know isn't it great about the 100 ? I already did the draw, and a person named the big black cat won. But if i don't hear from her soon I'll be redrawing.

    You better get over here and tear me away from my full time admiration! LOL!