Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview with a Flighty Fliberigibbet

Tonight I'm bringing you an interview. This is not a complimentary nor laudatory salute to our subject. Rather it is in the style of an EXPOSE´.
As you may have noted September has arrived. It doesn't feel like it, but it is upon us.
If you are a follower of this scurrilous blog you will note some time ago its author began a project which has largely been abandoned.
YES ... Wanda of WandaWorks you have been caught out!
It is September and where the hell is the so called " September Vogue " rug started last year at this time?
Let's go straight to the source with our questions:

Reporter: I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders why you start projects and do not finish them, can you please shed some light on your habitual "interuptus"? Have you ever stuck with anything?

Wanda: I'm surprised any one noticed I wasn't finished. Aren't the beginnings of things much more fun than the slogging horrible middles and tedious never ending finishes? I can assure you I've stuck at many things in my life, cleaning litter boxes, eating chips, completing meal time rituals, like dishes to name a few. I start them and I finish them tout de suite. So there!

R: Cheeky ! Really we would like to know why you have kept us hanging on the edge of our computer chairs for over a year. Surely that simple rug you constructed has not got you knackered?
You are not defeated are you? Worn down by a few shapes and colours?

W: What I am is realistic. I'm trying to to live a life here. I've got things to do. Egos to stroke, moods to ameliorate, stomachs to fill, roads to ride. A frivolous pastime of pulling loops of fabric through backing... let them be moth food for right now... I'm busy.

R: What careless disregard for your readers! Have you no heart ? What beastly cold thing keeps your blood circulating and you from satisfying us? WE WANT TO SEE A FINISHED RUG!

W: Then I suggest dear reporter you and apparently my readers, if you are to be believed, get off your computer and seat yourself in the hooking position, one hand above, one below with a ready supply of strips and hook your own damn rug! Truly ! Vicarious hooking can only be dissatisfying at best.
Why wait for me, when you could do it yourself? Did I not give you a tool each day all September long last year?

R: Good Lord woman did you not announce yesterday the start of yet another challenge? How can you look at yourself in the shiny off set scissors?

W: Yes I did and quite shamelessly. Even with your pressure being brought to bear I feel nothing but joy as I anticipate yet another start. It's my job in life to be a boost, a jump starter, an automatic external defibrillator, a catalyst! So what if I can't keep up to myself?

R: WHO do you think you are?

W: Oh really try to find a question I haven't been asked before!!!!

R: Do you EVER think you will finish that rug?

W: I'll tell you what. It is here, parked beside the couch I hate to love or love to hate. What if I promise to really apply myself to it this month as to not have yet another rug languishing half done? I'll put the hammer down and try to get it finished by the end of the month.
That means hooked , mind you, not finished properly because that is another whole can of strips and for others who are more dutiful than I.

R: I really don't believe a word you are spouting, I've seen more sense in a crack house to be honest.
I'll be back from time to time to scrutinize.

W: What a pleasure! Somewhat like a bunion in new shoes or a hook that skins your thumb, or a needle that goes in the same hole over and over... Thank you for the prod, electric cattle prod that is.

here is what it looks like right now!

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  1. It is much easier to nag another than nag myself! What a great chuckle to start my day. That rug looks suspiciously free of cat must have had some kind of outing! OK...I'll get off the computer now and hook...if I can make it past the magazines on the coffee table.