Monday, September 20, 2010

Go to the light or dark as prescribed

Light, God's eldest daughter... ~Thomas Fuller
When we hook we are so afraid to portray bright light or deep darkness. You can see both very dark and the ultra light in this photo. You will frequently find these two in the same vista. It takes one to create the other.
To hook this study in contrasts exaggeration is needed.
By squinting you can see how light portions of the rectangle containing the rocks really is. Yet we would resort to what we know instead of what we see. Yah ... Wood is brown, we only need one colour to do this, let's use a texture , more woody that way.... and carry on. By making this decision we are not letting the full potential of this wood to be revealed. We are not letting depth and form reach their nirvana in our rug.

See how the sun beams appear slightly violet in the sky and the white reflection of the sun on the water is much less coloured? See how it is the dark parts of the stones that create their shape? Notice also there is no special extra line at the horizon ?
The water is green, the sky a light blue developing in to darker blue. See how the gleaming reflection travels along the horizon?

Alls I'm saying is ... would you do what you see or what you think is there ?

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